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Does anyone know of a good supplier of white dogi for either aikido or judo that are tailored to women?

If not, does anyone know of home made modifications that can be made to a "male" dogi to make it more comfortable for women to wear?

Note after comment: Women have breasts (men should not have them) and a thinner waste which mean that most gi are either too big or opens up revealing sports bra and potential cleavage. Either way is no good for training

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Unfortunately BJJ is the only arena that I've seen gi specifically tailored for women. I'm not too familiar with the topic, though. :) – Dave Liepmann Aug 16 '12 at 14:06
I wonder if you could take the dogi to an experienced tailor and explain to them what you need. Those kinds of people would probably be able to pull something off for you. – Matt Chan Aug 16 '12 at 15:06
I was thinking about BJJ gis too, but they mostly just come in pink or with some feminine designs. I'm not sure they're actually a different cut. – Robin Ashe Aug 16 '12 at 22:56
AFAIK, Gis are unisex (at least at the normal shops in Germany). Which features do you actually desire for your Gi that the common one doesn't have? – fubra Sep 17 '12 at 16:00
Any tailor can bring in the sides of a dogi. They are largely unisex. – stslavik Sep 17 '12 at 21:42
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Fenom is one of the most widely recommended womens bjj gi. Not sure if it's judo competition legal, but they aren't too badly covered in flowers and stuff, so depending on your school, they may be acceptable.

atama makes a fairly popular ladies gi as well.

Fuji, which is a long standing brand in Judo and BJJ Gi's makes several women's gis as well, some would probably never be allowed in a traditional aikido or judo dojo, but some perhaps would.

This website has a review / list of bjj companies that market to the ladies: in the comments you can see discussions on which brands are just re-labeling their men's products and which are actually cut differently.

I wouldn't recommend trying to sew one yourself, especially a judo gi, the material is so thick, you need an industrial strength sewing machine for it. Tailoring a pre-made one would be tricky to.

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Other than the tailor suggestion, here are a couple links that I've found:

Also, I believe both simplicity and butterick sell sewing patterns for gi's as well.

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They're a pain to sew, though, unless you have a fairly burly sewing machine. You may need to take the foot off for collar/seam work as well. – Dave Newton Aug 16 '12 at 18:58
Agreed. You almost need a serger to handle the thickness, especially on the reinforced/seams parts. I've even had trouble sewing a simple instructor ribbon on the collar of a traditional dobok. – JohnP Aug 16 '12 at 19:01

I'm not precisely qualified to answer this, but perhaps Janet Rosen's description from an AikiWeb forum thread of adding modesty ties will help.

If all you need is modesty ties, buy a long shoelace, cut it in half, sew the halves where you want them. Snap tape works as well.

Janet Rosen has also written a column on AikiWeb about customizing the dogi which contains diagrams as well.

I have experimented with a variety of closures, including snap tape and velcro, and am happiest with a pair of white or natural (to match the dogi fabric) sneaker shoelaces. One lace cut in half will secure the waist, the other cut in half will secure the lapel. Put on the gi top, over the gi pants and belted as usual, and use straight pins to locate where you want the ties to be. For the waist ties, the left side tie will go on the inside of the top (wrong side) and the right side tie will go on the outside of the top (right side). For the upper lapel ties, the right side tie again will go on the outside of the top (right side), but it is easiest to secure the ties if the left side tie is directly at the edge of the gi top.

This doesn't address the "slim" issue, but it does address what I'm reluctant to call the "modesty" issue.

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there is no difference in the dogs for men and women. to dogs does not throw open specially for tying cord sewn on the chest. This is exactly what you are looking for. cann't see on our website or order from us or our partner company in Japan Seido

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Stack Exchange requires that you disclose any affiliation. Your reference to "our website" implies that you are affiliated with a vendor. – Mark C. Wallace Dec 30 '13 at 12:00

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