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I just started a jeet kune do classes a month ago, during the sparring parts I find it very hard to close the gap against people who have been doing this for much longer but I cannot understand (yet) how I can close the gap for going through their guard.

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Practice at home footwork and angling. Speed is what will save you. When you move around a person they move faster because they just rotate on the pivot point. Timing your angled footwork lets you face their center point outside of there strikes if timed right. Control fighting distance. JKD secret is to make the other guy move first into range where you intercept his actions. This is where you need to learn how to read a person. Also get rid of your own tells by shadowing boxing in a mirror and record your sparring sessions.

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"JKD secret is to make the other guy move first into range where you intercept his actions." Well now everybody knows! –  The Wudang Kid Jun 3 at 13:30

A fake jumping kick works wonders. I am by no means a JKD expert, but I've found that faking a flying kick works well. Both in JKD and in Taekwondo. The idea is to sucker your opponent into counter-attacking, and then intercepting the counter.

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I don't study JKD, but in other arts I've found that going from the outside (kicking or long punching range) to the clinch (wrestling or dirty boxing range) can be done with a front-leg kick or a jab that the opponent is not expecting to be followed up by a crash in.

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