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I heard that the WTF TKD competition rules were changing. Apparently, they want to make it more like MMA. Now, while it's subjective whether or not that's a good or bad thing, that's not what I'm asking. I'm asking if anyone knows when these rule changes are going to occur.

I think they might make it so you can punch to the head, as well as do a number of other changes like an octagon ring like MMA. They also want to use pressure sensors or something to measure the force of different strikes.

Here are some sources:


This second article is what the guy on bullshido is quoting:


Does anyone know if there is a specified area of time when these rule changes are to occur? I couldn't find one online.

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I doubt they are going to allow punches to the head. If your opponent is close enough to punch you in the face, your not good at sparring. I have never seen a punch score, so I don't know why the point would be. Plus they would have to regulate gloves a lot better. –  coltonon Jul 20 at 20:17

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