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I am specifically asking this in the sense of how Katas are executed. I heard somewhere that Shotokan is more stiff, and strong, but I'm not really sure.

  • I'd also like to know if there are completely different katas in Gōjū-ryū that are not existent in Shotokan and visa-verse.
  • Does Gōjū-ryū have a limited amount of sparring like Shotokan?
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In general, Shotokan will have longer, lower stances, while Goju will have higher, more upright stances.

Shotokan stylists have a reputation for focusing on Kihon (the basics). Expect to do the same kick or punch over and over, working on the details.

The amount of sparring done in a school is pretty much up to the teacher, based on the way he was taught, and his particular inclinations. Some Shotokan schools may spar more than others. Likewise with Goju. Karate stylists, in general, do not emphasize tournament competition to the same degree that Tae Kwon Do does. There are pros and cons to competing and not competing.

There is no overlap between the katas of the two styles, according to their kata lists on black belt wiki:

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I am specifically asking this in the sense of how Katas are executed.

I am basing my response to this question on the videos supplied above. Thank you Kid! Certainly stance length and height is slightly different. However, zenkutsu dachi in both styles looks long and low to me.

In my mind the main difference in the two styles' kata is hip position technique to technique. And the order of power generation. Goju-Ryu looks to make primary power from body vibration, sink, and shift. Shotokan kata make power with hip rotation (hanmi and shomen), shift, sink, and vibration.

Thank you.

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