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After heavy usage, boxing gloves and wrist wraps can get build up mildew and other nasties. What should I do the keep my gloves and wraps in good shape?

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The problem with boxing gloves, is that they get moist inside, and don't always get a chance to dry. What you can do, is to crumble a few pages from your local newspaper, and stuff that into it. That will absorb the sweat, and they won't get molded.

I've also heard of people putting them in the freezer or out in the sun, but I'm not sure if any of these are good options. It seems most logical to me, to make sure they dry up properly.

As for wrist wraps, simply unroll them and hang them over something, and toss them in the washing machine once in a while. Fortunately, wrist wraps are inexpensive, and can easily be replaced when they're done for.

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I think freezer would just delay the growth of mildew. Sun drying though seems to be fairly reliable for a number of things, so I'd say that might actually work. I'm still concerned though that the sun doesn't get directly inside the gloves. – Robin Ashe Oct 8 '12 at 19:31

For my large MMA/Boxing gloves:

  1. Spray Lysol on the inside
  2. Wipe it down with a dry paper towel
  3. With a damp paper towel wipe down the inside
  4. With all straps/Velcro open let try and air out in a well ventilated area

I normal wrap my hands in the paper towels to clean out the inside of the glove. For wrist straps I always let them hang dry in a well ventilated area. Using the Lysol has kept my new gloves from developing the smell that my old ones eventually got, even though I let them ventilate and dry every time.

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I wash my handwraps every other class. They don't take up much space in the wash machine so it's no trouble at all. I would recommend getting one of those lingerie/delicates laundry bags to put them in, or they turn into a tangled disaster.

as for the gloves like everyone else says, dry them out/ sanitize them after class. and don't store them in a bag. i hang mine on the outside of my gear bag, keeps them and my bag from getting smelly.

my coach has these freshner things that are a mesh bag full of volcano pebbles. they supposedly absorb the moisture from the gloves. and then every few months you put them out in the sun for a day and they are good to go again.

one last trick is to put a dryer sheet in each glove. they smell fantastic!

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keeping the hand wraps very clean will help keep the boxing gloves fresh as well. – Patricia Feb 1 '12 at 15:31

I try to wash my hand-wraps between uses, and if I can't, I at least hang-dry them. They get smelly and gross fast.

My gloves, I try to take out of my bag between uses. I also have some cardboard tubes with holes punched in the sides that I jam in there to get some air flow and dryness action on the inside.

I have not tried these methods for more than a couple months at a time; so I don't know if they'll work for heavy usage over the long term.

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I'll list a couple of methods which i have tested and works for me.

Gloves 1. Wrap you gloves in a plastic bag and freeze them. By freezing it you kill most of the bacteria / fungus in it. I use this method when i am away from home.

  1. Put baking soda after use to kill fungus. This will eliminate bad odor from cropping out.

  2. Ur a dryer to gently dry gloves using an indoor dryer or hair dryer. I've sun dried my gloves before and the outer layer started to peel soon after.


  1. I usually toss the wraps in the washing machine and fan dry them.

Hope it helps..

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Put some an open container of baking soda in your gloves. Don't spill it everywhere. The baking soda will absorb the funky smell of work.

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The new Airloop Glove Drying Rings are really great for helping our gloves stay dry and fresh from odors. Just love this product! They are also called Title Glove Dryer Rings sold through Title Boxing/MMA.

There are a couple of good videos on YouTube that show how they work. Type in Airloop Glove Drying Ring. Our gloves need to get the moisture out of the inside of glove cavity asap because bacteria and odors start to grow quickly if they do not dry out. People have been trying to open op the glove cavity forever with anything they can find to let the air circulate in glove cavity when not in use. The Airloop when but into glove cavity expands inside glove really creating a larger inside area so natural air may circulate drying gloves. The Airloops I like because they can be easily inserted in various positions within the inside of any glove type. Keeps gloves stable and open so we can spray and disinfect our gloves and clean and dry as a great system that works.

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Are you affiliates with Airloop? Your post can be read as either a genuine happy customer or as thinly veiled spam... It is hard to say. – Sardathrion Feb 7 '14 at 11:08

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