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I'm from Delhi myself. Since you are a 14 year old girl, I don't imagine you'll have a lot of choice of gyms or martial arts, since you'll have to devote time to school etc. and you probably don't have too many options when it comes to transport either. That said Delhi has its share of Taekwondo and Karate academies, how about picking up one of those ? ...


I think this answer is lost to time. JohnP's answer sources from "The Fundamentals of Pa Kua Chang, Volume 1" by Park Bok Nam and Dan Miller. Park Bok Nam is Lu Shui Tian's successor, and Dan Miller was Park's student and also the editor of the Pa Kua Chang Journal (1990-1997). This book does not mention a 500 year old lineage source. It does say that Lu ...

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