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Well, since the heart isn't really on the left side, and I don't know all that much about BJJ I decided to ask the real expert. Of course, I'm still VPN'd into work, so while Google gave me some answers, the proxy wouldn't let me go here www.sagacombat.com/blog/how-to-wear-your-bjj-belt/ or a half dozen OTHER places, but it would let me go to reddit: ...


The relationship between "red", "popular" and "left" are old and wide-ranging. I showed some of them in the other answer, but for some on the "right" in the political spectrum, one simply can't blame some monotheistic institutions for spreading misery in the world (something that ShaoLin monks stood against repeated times).


Looks like in politics, red is usually associated with left and the people's interests; red in western church is the color of "hell", and "demo" is the word chosen to spell demo-cracy ("because they are many/legion" -- opposed to the "all-good" "G"od, which is only one); also the church forced the "cure" of how many left-handed youngsters, and even the word ...


My school uses: White Yellow Orange Green Blue Purple Brown Red Black Black 1st degree-9th degree.

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