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I wouldn't care if it were my school. I can't speak for anyone else though. But I've never had a problem when two students or a Sabumnim/Senpai and a student were obviously in a relationship. As long as you keep your fighting/flirting out of the dojang and others' faces, it simply isn't something I care about. In fact, it's a great way of making your school ...


FWIW - my original school would definitely have expected you not to date her, even if you hadn't been training at the same dojo. Given you've thought to ask on here, your instinct is obviously that it could be an issue. Asking your master directly - before talking to the student - is obviously the most honourable option. If your master objects don't take ...


There's no way for us to know the relevant factors here: your dojo's rules and culture, your instructor's opinion, whether she considers you to have some sort of power position over her. But if you're both in school, know each other outside of the dojo, and you don't teach her, it sounds fine.

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