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Yes there are treatises regarding Wrestling and Swordsmanship. As can be seen on ARMA's Master Ott's Wrestling: Hans Talhoffer (1443), Ms.Chart.A.558 (HK 20) Peter von Danzig, Cod.44 A 8 (Cod. 1449)(HK 42) Jud Lew, Cod.I.6.40.3 (HK 5) Paulus Kal ,Cgm 1507 Hans von Speyer, M.I.29 1491 (HK 43) Paulus Hector Mair, Mscr. Dresd. C 93/94 (HK 15, ...


I would need more information on what you mean by forms and what you are try to accomplish. If it is how to fight with a knife/Tanto, there are many good styles. I am partial to some of the Israeli commando forms. If you are looking for defense I can comment on this a little. I have trained in Aikido for many years in the US, Canada and Japan. When I asked ...

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