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Hate to burst everybody's bubble about peace and war, and all the elements and that.. but it literally means thank you. It is not limited to martial arts.. purely a common way to express gratitude. I am an academic, so here is my evidence (in non reference format): "The gesture for thank you in Chinese is to cover one's right hand with the left, and raise ...


The open and closed fist means-Peace, I do not wish to harm you. It's in place of shaking hands. If you shake hands that's bad because you can get pulled in and killed. By not shaking hands things are nuetral.


there is a simple poem to remember this learned when I was very young, "left over right , a fighter's delight" "right over left , a fight to the death" when you bow your hand placement means everything , fighters would bow showing weather is was a spar or a death match. there are lots of meanings, but this one is being forgotten because death matches are ...

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