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This is really simple. Not every impact to the head (whether jaw or nose) knocks someone unconscious. Plenty of soccer players get hit hard by the ball in the face and don't get knocked out. You're more likely to be knocked out if you're weak, if you don't see the impact coming, or if you have a history of being knocked out (that is, people can develop ...


A blow to the nose is not any more likely to knock you out than one to anywhere else on the face and head so I'm not sure why you've chosen the nose. There is a much higher chance of knock out by a sideways blow to the chin or straight to base of the skull or temple. A knock out is basically sudden trauma your brain can't deal with. A sideways blow to the ...


Go to each school in your area and take a few lessons in each to find the one that you will stick with and agrees with you mentally and physically. Once you start back on that road you will mature and your goals will change.

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