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There's basically a few things going on, for boxers, or any heavy contact sport that involves potential head hits: Neck muscles are stabilizers In general, better stabilizer muscles for the head helps reduce concussion rates. Less whiplash effect means less brain damage. This means neck, shoulder, and spinal strength training helps. The rates for high ...


They don't train their head. They train their ability to dodge out of the way of the punch, block it, or take enough of its force out of the equation as to impact with a lot less force or impact on part of the head or body that is more protected. It's true that boxers can generate huge amounts of force with their punches. But that force is measured using a ...


The fist should move as little as possible. The power of the uppercut comes from slightly dipping in the knees while turning the hip and then pushing from the hip. The elbow shouldn't move behind the body at all. The movement should look a little like the elbow is fixed at the hip and being pushed by the hip rotation/thrust. Only at the very end the arm ...


Depends on what place you are. If you are any where near the Erle Montaigue System Instructor. Hundred times better and practical than McDojos. Some videos to gets the flavoured (selected to give overview), see if it spikes interest. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esfJRUAs5lU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmXSdNAjxLY

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