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I lost a tooth playing rugby as a teenager. There is a dental school near where I work, so I signed up to be a guinea pig for the students and in return I got a custom gum shield made for doing judo competitions (as well as regular check ups) A custom made one is the best solution in my opinion,very comfortable and snug. Any dentist should be able to ...


"fruit and beans" will not provide a sufficiently balanced long term diet, especially when the requirements of being a moderate to high level athlete. And yes, some population groups in history had similar diets. They also where several inches shorter, and unless you're a descendant of those groups, they may very well have had genetic and gut microbiome ...


Looking online it seems that you may have to go with a custom mouthguard. You should probably consult with your dentist and your doctor around the pros and cons of keeping your dentures in while sparring. The last thing you would want is to have your false teeth break off in your mouth, both from a safety and a cost perspective. I could imagine an absolute ...


Carefully planned vegetarian and vegan diets do provide adequate nutrition for athletes. The active phrase being, "carefully planned". Martial artists don't have any special nutritional requirements compared with people who do other activities. As for energy levels, this depends on what kind of fuel you're putting in you. When you eat simple carbohydrates, ...


use upper body streches before boxing


Boxing gloves have improved alot. Now, there are many technologies: quadcore, neoprene, sparring, mitts, grappling and fight gloves. All these are modern day gloves

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