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Five days a week is a perfectly reasonable workout schedule for BJJ. Take care to keep your body running well: eat right, sleep plenty, and stay hydrated. It will take a while to get used to 5 days a week, and some people--due to being out of shape or by not recovering properly--may need to ramp up from only 3 or 4 classes per week for a few months.


I think you'll be fine in the -64 bracket. Give it a try. If you really miss the heavier folks, compete in open-weight as well.


I second Dave Liepmann's opinion about adrenaline. It likely is an adrenaline dump. And yes, competing more will help. It will lessen the nerves over time. Learning to calm yourself down before the match will also help. So, deep breathing exercises and doing something to take your mind off of it. Aside from that, if it is physical rather than mental, then ...


You probably gassed because you experienced an adrenaline dump. Solution: compete more. If you're training a lot then overtraining might be a culprit, but that's more easily evaluated by looking at the person's training schedule than the single data point of "gassed out in their first match". If you're not doing any out-of-class strength and conditioning ...


In Living the Martial Way, Forrest Marshall makes the insight that you should run like you want to fight: if you want to fight at a slow, plodding, constant pace, then run long distances as a slow, plodding, constant pace. This advice is a gross simplification of exercise science but it is basically true in this context. Your coach is right. Long-distance ...

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