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For the toe, it is important that you restore normal flexibility and strength, though it is difficult to tell whether this is a problem for you. I had an open dislocation of this toe once, and the main problem was that after the skin healed, the toe kept getting stubbed because it did not behave in the manner I was used to. The toe would remain mostly ...


Small Joint Training The doctor is right in practicality, if not in technicality. If you have a weight bearing bone, it can be thickened, if you have muscle that you have conscious control over, you can exercise and strengthen it. However, the amount of work and time to improve it will be vast and then it still won't mean much in the face of full body ...


I can't comment as a new user, but this technique is IBJJF legal for everyone except kids under 12. The banana split is usually reached fom the Truck, but there is a lot in common between it and the Electric chair submission. If you watch the last match between Eddie and Royler, Eddie gives a textbook exhibition of the Electric Chair.


The grips are much more technique that people think. To break grips you need a technique. Also to keep you grip you need a technique as well. It is helpful training some weights. Exercices that put pressure in your fingers and develop your forearm. As a sample: Dead lift Sumo dead lift Rope climbing Hammering The grip will be break when your opponent ...

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