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It all depends in what your intention is. Like the classic text says inhaling gathers chi and exhaling projects chi. Now if you' re practising you want to gather chi to yourself, so you breathe out when pushing down. In healing or in combat however you want to project your chi into something or someone else outside of your body. That's when your breathing ...


Try doing this: Every time your arms/body extend/expand, exhale. and every time your arms/body contracts, inhale. Then try this: Every time your arms/body extend/expand, inhale. and Every time your arms/body contracts, exhale. Both work but for different reasons. Think about your intention. Hope this helps. Now go train.


Which kind of breath provides the most striking power? Peppermint. The crucial thing for striking is coordinating a transfer of energy between the legs/hips and shoulders/arms (even when kicking, as you're trying to use the inertia/momentum of the upper body to help the hips/legs accelerate). That transfer always involves the "gut" muscles. Whether ...


Getsugatensho? But in all seriousness, a long, controlled expelling of air from the lungs is better than a sudden puff. The reason is that you need relaxed muscles that snap like a whip on impact, rather than tensed muscles, and a sound that constricts your air passage and makes the air move faster promotes that. Which is why a "Kiai" or "Hei" is better than ...

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