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In summary, you're attempting to regain some kicking ability that you once had but have lost due to inactivity and lack of practice. Your goals are to improve range of motion and flexibility, speed, and control even when holding your kick in place without moving at all. And you'd like to even surpass your abilities when you were once in regular practice. ...


Heh. Interestingly enough, where I was taught, the primary difference between negativa and resistĂȘncia was the foot positioning with resistĂȘncia being the flatfooted one. Just goes to show that the terminology varies a lot between schools. I'm not familiar with passa de frente, but I assume it is something like a queda de quatro as seen in this video. In ...


Possible reasons: As mentioned by kioopi, momentum and effort. Moving the upper leg requires displacing it further upwards and increases the shear load on the supporting arm. Leading with the lower leg predisposes your front torso to be facing your opponent. Leading with the top leg predisposes you to wind up with your back towards the opponent. While it ...


I think it's just easier to generate hip momentum with the lower leg. If you can do it with the upper leg first, that might be a nice variation.

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