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"Closing the gap" unexpectedly is one of the major tactics in fighting, and with good timing can allow you to land a devastating attack even as the opponent attempts to hit you. You can potentially stayed clear of the business end of a weapon attack. There are several footwork patterns I feel are particularly important for this, each with different uses: ...


One thing that slows people down is putting tension on their blocking leg too early. The leg should stay very relaxed while moving up. Apply tension only in the moment before checking the incoming leg. One drill you can do for that is to do a couple of minutes of quickly lifting your knees as if to block after a long training. Because you are already ...


jump rope . practice lunge steps with weight in hand. jump on a tire layed down on the ground, like them thai`s do. re-learn your foot work. try boxing foot work. move your feet to a beat or metronome and learn -practice to sync steps to the beat. push a bag-punching and practice chasing and escaping via stepping front-back. now give me 100 dollars ...


block incomming knees with your own knee. must beat the timing and impose your. knee onto the opponets inner thigh area. generally this is a diagonal outward knee. utub has too many video on thai clinch , everyone needs to use there utube resources.

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