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I usually wash it at hottest possible temperature, and that does the trick (beware though, this might shrink a new dogi). If it is very dirty, I handwash it with plenty of washing detergent (making sure it gets in there), and then let it soak overnight, before I wash it. Back when I was a kid, my mom used to soak it with chlorine to get the worst grass and ...


To clarify on the use of bleach, as long as it is non-chlorine based (like borax or OxiClean) you should be fine to use it. Chlorine bleach will yellow your non 100% cotton clothes but color safe or oxygen based bleaches should be fine. Personally, I use baking soda (somewhere between 1/4 and 1/2 a cup depending upon your washer/load size/etc.) to keep my ...


I find wearing a 100% cotton undershirt helps if you can tolerate it. It acts as an intermediate layer and worse case can be swapped with another. For stains that manage to get past this using some sort of spray'n'wash product is useful but it needs to applied after a training session or soaked in combination to help remove the stubborn ones.


Fenom is one of the most widely recommended womens bjj gi. Not sure if it's judo competition legal, but they aren't too badly covered in flowers and stuff, so depending on your school, they may be acceptable. http://fenomkimonos.com/products.html atama makes a fairly popular ladies gi as well. Fuji, which is a long standing brand in Judo and BJJ Gi's ...


Back when I trained more, I was nicknamed "tidal-wave" because of the amount that I sweat. A few tips I used: 1) wear an undershirt. Not fun when it's 8 zillion degrees out in the middle of summer, but it works well. 2) stash a small dishtowel up your sleeve. Between sets/exercises, dab at the sweat with the towel. 3) bring your gi to class and wear ...


Other than the tailor suggestion, here are a couple links that I've found: http://www.mizuno.eu/en/sports/judo/products/judogi/36102/nippon-women/ http://www.budoexport.com/judo-judogi-kimono-femme-joal-sensei-kusakura-xml-245_261-894.html Also, I believe both simplicity and butterick sell sewing patterns for gi's as well.


I use a Wipp-tube (you might know of this brand better as 'Persil'). It has a handy hard plastic brush that helps the rubbing. Wipp is also perfect for stained collars of regular shirts.


I had a off-white/cream coloured gi back in the day and that was great for not showing sweat stains. If you have to have a bright-white gi, there are non-chlorine, colour-fast bleaches you can get today. I'm not sure what my mother did about the blood stains, but that's a separate conversation. (Yes, I lived at home and was pampered. :-)


I'm not precisely qualified to answer this, but perhaps Janet Rosen's description from an AikiWeb forum thread of adding modesty ties will help. If all you need is modesty ties, buy a long shoelace, cut it in half, sew the halves where you want them. Snap tape works as well. Janet Rosen has also written a column on AikiWeb about customizing the dogi ...


You may have hard water that is yellowing them. I haven't had much success with reversing the process, but there are some palliative approaches like lemon juice, borax, and bluing agents.

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