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Your fist is not optimal. You are pulling in your whole thumb side inwards when you make a fist and it causes your 1 + 2 fingers to not have enough room to make your fist flat. Relax the muscles and area around your first carpometacarpal joint and your palm will give way for your fingers. With this kind of posture, I also suspect that you are pulling your ...


My Sensi taught me years ago that you will fight the way you train and to build yourself up slowly. If your knuckles start bleeding, treat it like a hand injury in a fight and switch to throwing palm strikes without losing rhythm. Also, as others here have alluded to, after you build calluses on your knuckles this won't happen anymore. The way I did it ...


I had the same problem, which went away the more I punched with bare knuckles. My knuckles got slightly larger to the point that when I punch the wall like you did in your picture, my knuckles hit first. The skin on my middle joints became calloused. It did teach me the hard way what it felt like to punch with the wrong technique. It was a good lesson.

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