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Try these footwork patterns: Stepping forward in a low bow/front stance as you push the broom, alternating legs. It will be a challenge to actually effect the sweeping while doing this. Fighting stance: step back foot together with front foot, step front foot out to fighting stance. Do right foot forward going one way, left foot forward coming back. ...


In Isshin-ryu's Sanchin, the right foot is first to step out, but my understanding is that this kata varies from style to style. Obviously the best way to learn the technicalities of Sanchin(or any other kata) is from a qualified instructor. Sanchin was originally a chinese form, but was adopted very early by Okinawan karate schools. Okinawan styles that ...


There are current IWUF text books/dvd available from Kungfudirect.com, the material is written in Chinese however it should cover what you are looking for. Peace, Love, Wushu!

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