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In a calf crank the movement is in line with the foot-ankle-shin structure, while in the vaporizer it's not: this creates torque on the hip/knee/ankle joints, which is a movement pattern not found in a calf crank. This twisting motion is found instead in many other submissions such as the toe hold, heel hook, kimura and omoplata. You might think of the ...


A calf slicer is a compression lock that crushes the calf muscle, and I've heard the terms "calf crush", "calf slicer", and "calf crank" all used interchangeably. At 2:00 of this video, Eddie Bravo describes the Vaporizer as a "toe hold slash calf crank, slash devastation...this one is very hard to resist." (Emphasis mine.) So there's an element of calf ...


As for training, every solution you want to try should also take into consideration protective equipment. Specifically: For grappling, Cliff Keen makes an accessory to its headgear. I have tried it personally and it works fine, but it's quite hot. For striking, use a headband for bag/mitt work and shadow boxing, use your boxing headgear when sparring. ...


Use an ear guard. That will hold your hair back

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