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Both are grappling fights. Jiu jitsu can be splitted in two divisions. Gi and NOGi. Luta livre (some times called Submission) is just NOGi. This is a vantage for Luta Livre (they focus in just one style). The techniques are the same. But Jiu Jitsu nowadays is much more focusing in competition/sport and in my opinion Jiu Jitsu is losing the fight idea. ...


To my knowledge, Luta Livre and BJJ are practically the same, the only difference is that in Luta Livre you don't wear a Gi. Both systems use belts for graduations, although in Luta Livre you don't wear it during fights. Due to not having a Gi in Luta Livre, it is understood that some techniques are slightly adjusted to fit the circumstances.


Watch these YouTube videos and think about how you might benefit from a long hard workout on such a machine. A rolled up rug becomes an excellent throw dummy. The dummy is always ready and never complains about anything.


I hope this is helpful on your journey. I have a dummy called the Submission Master. For me it has been an asset, since it can go into guard position and I can work on reps to practice passing the guard. There are merits of having a dummy and I believe the benefits outweigh the flaws. For example, a person who is not very dedicated may say, "I don't have ...

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