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A - Elements of good punch Hit with your shoulder not hand (focus on the shoulder and not the peripherals). Hips turning in the direction of the attack Rear leg pushing hips in the direction of the attack (on ball of the foot) Position of front leg should be enough to hold you in place and not falling forwards or becoming stuck in place. As a general rule: ...


So far as my knowledge reaches, I can only answer the first part of your question. Yes, there are many arts which practice the spinning kick. My favorite: Capoeira. The "back spinning heel kick" is generally known as "Armada"—variations may apply. The "back spinning hook kick" is known as the "Gancho"—again, variations may apply across schools


The techniques you describe are two separate techniques in Taekwon-do, at least in ITF Taekwon-do. The spinning heel kick is called bandae dollyo chagi and the spinning hook kick is called bandae goro chagi. Since Hapkido is a Korean martial art it may have its roots in Taek Kyon which as far as I know was mainly a kicking art which was also one of the ...

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