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I clacked my teeth together during a takedown and ended up with a tiny chip of one of my front teeth. Now I never get on the mats without a mouthguard. If you have trouble breathing with a normal mouthguard, ask your dentist for the kind of guard meant to prevent damage if you grind your teeth when you sleep. It's a little thinner and harder, and won't be ...


I have seen two judoka w/ mouth guards over the past 10yrs. I have had a heel to the mouth (split lip, now a scar). But no issues w/ the teeth. As stated above, use for newaza could be a good option (back of head meets chin).


I've had one very minor chip from being seoinage'd (by a girl half my size). Some guys wear mouthguards, especially in newaza (ground fighting), and it's not a bad idea.


I suggest you trying not to use 100 % of your force and speed when you practice air kicking ( or empty kicking as some people call it ). If you do a very powerful and fast kick without hitting a target, like a pad or a sparring opponent, your knee joints will absorb all the force of the kick and you may get pain and inflammation. The pain could also be the ...


If you have been injured, the best thing to do is go and see your doctor or a physiotherapist! The Internet is a wonderful source of information, but you definitely shouldn't rely on it for medical advice. That being said, using ice will help reduce the swelling (if any). Ibuprofen or a similar anti-inflammatory will help with the swelling and the pain. ...


I train in Taekwondo and had a similar problem with my knees (though after a few years of training). At the time, my doctor diagnosed "chondromalacia patella", which he said was caused by an imbalance in strength of tendons/ligaments across the knee. He prescribed a set of exercises to help balance the strength. These exercises were quite simple and didn't ...


Both Dave and Juann have good points. You should attempt to strengthen your knees with some low squats and deadlifts. Don't start to heavy or with too much and don't forget to do some proper stretching AFTER you work out as well as on your down time. With the stretching, make sure you are trying to keep it natural at first, then push into a mildly ...


Do not wear knee wraps or other protective devices unless you have to. Protect your knees from damage by making them strong with progressively heavier barbell squats and deadlifts in a rational, proven strength program like Starting Strength. Squatting deep (hips below the knees) develops the muscle and soft tissue around the knees.


Firstly, DO NOT push yourself when doing front splits. This is the #1 reason Taekwondo-ka's hurt their knees. You don't need to be super flexible until you reach red belt (or maybe blue/red). When you do front splits, you're putting enormous amounts of strain on your cross-ligaments, which are a weak spot on your body as it is. I ruined my Taekwondo AND ...

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