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If you study at a school that does both "free fighting" (san shou) and "push hands" (tui shou), and you practice the form 60-90 minutes a day, and you go to class two to three times per week, it should take approximately 5 years to be able to fight at a medium level for self defense. At the school where I study they say that if you want to develop the ...


In reply to the answer "A few months to a year" My name is Johan Duquet and I am the teacher/trainer of the Shen Yi School in Valencia. I teach Chen style Taiji Quan as taught to me by Fu NengBin and some Gao Bagua and XingYi as I learned from Luo DeXiu. I (among other things) try to teach/test the skills from these arts within the format of Sanda as seen ...

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