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If there's no local schools, your best bet is either finding someone local who has done any decent amount of judo, or, finding a school or instructor in a related grappling art. Any form of wrestling will give some related tools. Part of this is that grappling is about manuevering other people's bodies and manuevering your own around what they're doing - ...


I clacked my teeth together during a takedown and ended up with a tiny chip of one of my front teeth. Now I never get on the mats without a mouthguard. If you have trouble breathing with a normal mouthguard, ask your dentist for the kind of guard meant to prevent damage if you grind your teeth when you sleep. It's a little thinner and harder, and won't be ...


Yes, but in the same way you can learn to play violin by yourself, or learn a language by yourself. If you do not have a teacher who can comment on (aka critique your progress and give specific advice) it will be a challenge.

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