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In terms of sizing you're probably best off just contacting the company you want to buy from with your measurements. They'll most likely be able to help you get the right size. In terms of which one to buy, I would take a read of this article. It even comes with a bonus picture of Kyra Gracie almost wearing a Gi that you boys are bound to like. A summary ...


Honestly, you should just get out there and start. The best way to get into the shape you need to be in to be good at a martial art is to practice that martial art. It doesn't matter if you are a 200 lbs overweight person or a 30 lbs underweight skinny-fat person(me when I started), don't worry about being in shape to start, just start and the changes will ...


I clacked my teeth together during a takedown and ended up with a tiny chip of one of my front teeth. Now I never get on the mats without a mouthguard. If you have trouble breathing with a normal mouthguard, ask your dentist for the kind of guard meant to prevent damage if you grind your teeth when you sleep. It's a little thinner and harder, and won't be ...


I have seen two judoka w/ mouth guards over the past 10yrs. I have had a heel to the mouth (split lip, now a scar). But no issues w/ the teeth. As stated above, use for newaza could be a good option (back of head meets chin).


I've had one very minor chip from being seoinage'd (by a girl half my size). Some guys wear mouthguards, especially in newaza (ground fighting), and it's not a bad idea.


Differences between a Judo and a BJJ Gi have already been explained by Tussles. About the size, here is the most important thing: get a Gi that fits you well. Check the manufacturer's website for a size chart, ask them if you're unsure or between sizes, since you have a very muscular build see if they offer the wider versions of their sizes (eg. A1W). ...

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