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Its never to late to start martial arts as a hobby. If you should have higher hopes to do that on a professional level, it depends a lot on which martial arts you want to do. There are several cases in mixed martial arts where people became professionals, even though they started relatively late, even some of them with no prior martial arts expierence. ...


I started Judo at 40 with my sons. Now i'm 1D and i keep training for 2D. We are numerous in my intitute in that case. And we participate contests for senior older than 40


I'm 49 , 1.85 and > 90Kg; I'm going to keep on training 2 or 3 times a week as long as my knees allow me. When they no longer let me throw my o soto gari, I will change for BJJ. Many judokas have already chosen Ne Waza because of injury. You could also get semi-judo training : warm-up, technical part, Kata, and just do Ne waza Randori. And during stand-up ...

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