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Arnica cream works brilliant brings out the swelling faster an hence makes the bruise go away quicker


Hang a sheet of paper from the ceiling (wedge the string that it hangs on into a light fitting). Practice hitting the paper flat on, with a snap and speed (after warmups and stretching). This will improve your speed, balance and accuracy without the need for equipment. After you've done that well enough (500+ punches) do some strengthening stuff (pushups ...


Brain damage can be caused by a lot of things but the main causes are drugs and concussion/compression (usually from boxing or similar sports). If you suffer a compression or concussion, you will have brain damage as a result to some extent. The more times you become concussed and the more serious the hit (to the head), the more serious the brain damage ...


Walking on the sidewalk carries a risk of brain damage. Consider that before moving onward. Any contact sport--and many ostensibly non-contact sports--involves the possibility of an accident involving a clash of heads, a stray limb, or a slip and fall. But I wouldn't classify no-head-contact kickboxing as any more concussion-inducing than flag football, ...

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