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I get sore muscles all the time. Remember to get enough rest between training. I usually rest for an entire day, making sure I get enough sleep before my next workout. I have heard before about eating egg whites and drinking whey protein shakes help with muscle repair, but I have yet to try it. What really helps is a good massage on the sore area before ...


Plenty of water - both before and after practice. Its a simple answer, but one that works. Water and rolling out the muscles.


Auto-massage is trending as a main way to reduce soreness generated by hard muscle training. You can do it with your own hands and fingers or by the aid of a foam roller or a tennis ball. I'll recommend you to check this videos. How to Get Rid of Muscle Soreness, Aches + Pains 3 Unique Boxing Drills Using a Tennis Ball Enough sleeping (min 7:30 h) and ...


anyon engaging in this should be very physically fit . running and weight lifting are assumed and mandatory and plenty of it too. amature boxing is a waste of time since all those dirty boxing tricks are not allowed at all. clinching is a high art form and is extra hard to find. fully qualified trainers- clinch trainers are rare . we got too many dirt ...

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