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Ice is no longer the darling of the medical community for reducing inflammation or bruising. Gabe Mirkin, MD, who apparently first coined the RICE mnemonic, has references on his blog dated March 2014 for why ice delays recovery from injury. The summary is ice reduces inflammation in the short term, but impairs the healing process.


Knockouts happen because of concussions, not how hard the foot, shin or hand striking the head is. Shin guards will hurt less, but will be just as effective at delivering a knockout. Use this info as you wish. This doesn't really answer your question, but it's useful information.


If you can find a gym (commercial or otherwise) that opens 24/7 or near to, then that's going to be a better option for using an actual punchbag. Otherwise, I would recommend getting a bob; http://amzn.com/B003QOHSLQ or similar standing thing. it's good for distancing too. I would recommend you getting some tuition to teach you how to safely punch. I would ...

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