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The most effective way to do it is shown below: In Butthan martial art, it is called Swing Kick. And the motion shown in the image produces the most power. Striking with lower part of Shin bone causes most damage (Shin bone has to be conditioned well enough).


I don't know about choondu marman in particular but it sounds vaguely similar to the one finger zen technique of shaolinquan. A one finger zen master stores lots of internal force using qi (prana) and then uses it to disrupt energy channels and, at a highly advanced level, can do so from a distance. I suspect that is what choondu marman exponents are doing ...


What is the most effective method for the roundhouse kick? You've got a one-adjective criteria there, and a vague one: effective. Overall effectiveness might reasonably be defined as what helps you win reliably, or perhaps you'd prefer something less reliable if it meant the average or median injury you sustain is less even though the worst case ...

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