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Ice is no longer the darling of the medical community for reducing inflammation or bruising. Gabe Mirkin, MD, who apparently first coined the RICE mnemonic, has references on his blog dated March 2014 for why ice delays recovery from injury. The summary is ice reduces inflammation in the short term, but impairs the healing process.


I'd like to address the "how to evaluate a school" part of the question from personal experience. Brief context: I fenced foil in my teens, did aikido and wing chun in my 20s. I got osteoarthritis in my knees at age 35 (Dad blamed my dancing, I blamed all the kneeling from Catholic school). For years I couldn't walk without a stick; I even changed ...


A broken or dislocated jaw usually heals well after treatment. But the jaw may become dislocated again in the future. In the US, Columbia University, College of Dental Medicine has done some pioneering work in treatment & therapies related to jaw injuries. So it would be a good idea to touch base with their medical experts. Your doctor will diagnose ...

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