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"The Stomp / Push / Teep" kick an effective frontkick. Imagine the kind of kick you'd use if you were trying to kick a door in. You make contact with the flat of your foot.


If BJJ is around, you should do BJJ. If grappling of another kind is around--wrestling, judo, SAMBO, et cetera--you should train that. But if nothing's available, you should do general physical preparation with a slight emphasis on BJJ's specific requirements. General Strength For instance, you'd want to do some kind of general strength (not bodybuilding!) ...


I can think of two: Heel front kick. As @Sean Patrick Floyd said, it's more of a thrust kick Toe front kick. Basically, you will kick straight in, with your toes into the target. The target, in this instance, is the abdominal waist band muscles. The direction of the strike is in and down. I do not recommend the toe front kick lightly - for most people ...


I'm taking just this piece as the real question: In martial practice, how can the ankles be used to maximize benefit? Flexible ankles can significantly lower your stance (just bending them) in a much more natural way than trying to flex just your knees. To lower my stance I prefer to just focus on flexing my ankles and forget about the knees. When ...


Several arts teach front kicks using the heel. That should work for you. It has more power, but less speed and reach. The movement is also slightly different, it's less of a snap and more of a thrust.


"Closing the gap" unexpectedly is one of the major tactics in fighting, and with good timing can allow you to land a devastating attack even as the opponent attempts to hit you. You can potentially stayed clear of the business end of a weapon attack. There are several footwork patterns I feel are particularly important for this, each with different uses: ...


For explosiveness, your tools are the Olympic lifts (including preparatory work from powerlifting), box jumps, leaps, and sprints. Plyometrics can be used but as I understand it they are more appropriate for someone who is already squatting and power cleaning significant weight. For agility, your tools are footwork drills and the general practice of ...


What are the ankles good for? This is a rather odd question so I will give a rather odd answer. One of the uses I have found for the feet/ankles is disarming techniques while lying on the ground. We practice this some (very little really) in FMA. Specifically, some stick disarms that are used while standing are also available while one is prone ...


If your mobility difficulties are limited to your toes, then crescent kicks might be another option for you. They start out similarly to a front kick, but you aim slightly to one side of your target and then snap your leg around in a crescent motion to connect with the inside or outside edges of your foot.

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