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Slip & jab with left Sway & then sway back with a jab with left Parry down with left & counter jab Block with right & counter jab Left jab across the (on top) jab and counter with right Block with the left holding in front of head and cross to counter There's a few more variations but these 6 cover the main points.


Well, it's defined by an author that there are six ways. Maybe there are four, maybe there are 7. Difficult to interpret. You can slip left, slip right. You can take a small step back. You can move your head slightly back. You can "roll" with it like Mayweather Jr. The list goes on. You can block if with your lead hand, and jab back. You can block it with ...


I only know 3: 1) Slip the punch: push on the front foot and slide on the back foot a bit. While doing this, also shift your weight on the back foot so the moment your opponent retracts their jab, you immediately push on the back foot and counter with a hard cross. Don't slide too much, otherwise you'll be out of range and unable to counter (which is ok as ...


I suspect it´s because your punching with your fist sideways, as apposed to punching straight, with your thumb facing up, but I´m just guessing :b

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