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Venison is probably best, seeing as it's the leanest AND most organic/freerange/hippie-friendly of the bunch. But the cheapest source of protein is going to be eggs. As a general rule, just stay away from Soy and Whey protein (unless you want increased estrogen levels and the resultant manboobs). But ask a dietician.


If you want to learn how to handle real-life scenarios, best thing to do is the experience real-life scenarios. The SECOND best thing (and the one which won't land you in hospital or jail) is to get your hands on videos of real-life scenarios. Youtube is actually a pretty good source for school fights, drunks getting KTFO'ed, backyard brawls, etc. Watch a ...


Marc MacYoung's No Nonsense Self Defense is a good place to start. His advise is reasonable, easy to follow, and does work. It won't teach you how to fight but it will teach you how to stack the odds in your favour when avoiding danger. He has a whole section with books and DVDs that should be good but I cannot recommend anything from there. Now, from your ...


I found Rory Miller's book on drills to be an excellent resource. A lot of realistic self defense exercises depend on a combination of figuring out safe practices vs. realistic stress testing. Regardless of the exercise, I find what is useful is setting up clear communication at the beginning of training - how hard are you supposed to go, what's off ...

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