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The most recent reference I've found, from 2007, indicates that tinted sunglasses may indeed block the effect, although it seems like the disorientation effect may still be effective.


You've created your own problem in letting someone that is obviously showing aggression to get within two inches. In many cases where they move in that close, they don't really want to fight, they want to intimidate. If they were intent on damage, they would start swinging or similar as soon as they were in range. However, in cases such as this where they ...


sorry, I'll skip the obligatory 'don't fight' advice. The most effective strikes you could employe at that distance are : (assuming he has already entered your personal space, at 2 inches apart you don't have the time to draw your arms back, you can't really punch at that distance either) 1. head Butt to the face 2. cupped-hands strike to the ears 3. knee ...

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