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At that distance you are most in danger of a headbutt. Firstly, don't find yourself in that situation. When things start to get hairy, lift up your arms to about chest height, with PALMS FACING OUTWARD IN A NON-MENACING WAY so as to show you want to avoid confrontation. Any cameras (security or people with camera-phones) will show you to be the ...


In that situation, you can strike to the groin with your knee. Also, if it's not so life risking then you can step aside and push him in the direction he is applying his body weight. Palm Strike/Straight Punch on his solar plexus or nose can be done. You can deliver an Elbow Strike on his jaw as well.


The more important question you should be asking is what's actually going on here? What is the psychology of this situation? Knowing that is the only way of figuring out how you should react. The actual fighting techniques you might use are of secondary importance, and I kind of think any martial art will have a number of techniques and strategies that you ...


The most effective way to do it is shown below: In Butthan martial art, it is called Swing Kick. And the motion shown in the image produces the most power. Striking with lower part of Shin bone causes most damage (Shin bone has to be conditioned well enough).


There's some options, though it becomes really specific to your ability. I made a youtube vid talking about the general issues of self defense with mobility issues last year. Here's some things to look at more specific to your question: Can you pivot on your weak leg? In some cases of leg weakness, people end up "locking" the leg. While this ends up ...


Chin na is also an excellent defence against attackers. It involves wrist locks, strike grabs, etc. It is a chinese martial art (shaolin origin, but arent most of them ) .


You may be able to learn a lot of useful things from watching Bill "superfoot" Wallace fight. He also has some sort of problem with one of his legs, forcing him to develop his left leg and left arm to compensate.


What is the most effective method for the roundhouse kick? You've got a one-adjective criteria there, and a vague one: effective. Overall effectiveness might reasonably be defined as what helps you win reliably, or perhaps you'd prefer something less reliable if it meant the average or median injury you sustain is less even though the worst case ...

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