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There are two important points to consider: Full splits are not essential in many martial arts systems. Kicking itself may be secondary. The motivation behind full splits is often high kicking, which is high-risk in combat. See Low kicks vs high kicks in street fight. No one expects beginning students to have full splits. If your martial arts school ...


TL;DR No, it's not essential. Full splits are an impressive display of flexibility, but few martial arts include them as anything other than a nifty party trick or exhibitions.


Henka means "variation" or "change". In other words, a different way of doing something. It doesn't refer specifically to the kihon happo ("basics" / "essentials") of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, although you are expected to learn many different henka for each technique. That's part of the training. The theory goes like this: When a technique is first shown, it ...

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