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First I just want to say that at age 44, you shouldn't expect your body to perform the same as an 18 year old's body. It's just not realistic. So resist the temptation to compare yourself to them, or anyone for that matter. Now, that doesn't mean you can't make continual, gradual progress from where you are now. Go ahead and try. But I just want to warn ...


The science on static stretching in the warm up is not settled. The NY Times has a short article based on a review of stretching studies that points to static stretching in the warm up being neutral or beneficial. So most fitness experts currently advise against static stretches before exercise. But now a comprehensive new review of decades’ worth of ...


I took it quite literally by perform 50 of each kick daily. I saw improvements pretty quickly. Concentrate on the technique first. The flexibility will come with time.


Background, in case you're curious, I'm a second dan black belt training for competitive sparring. So, it's my opinion that there are two things that you should work on to improve finesse. One of them is flexibility, but I'm sure you already know this. Have a solid stretching routine, and stick with it. The most important places to stretch are your hips and ...

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