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I am old school I got my BB in 1988. ITF all the way. ITF allowed punching to the head as well as other blows delivered with the hands. Protective gear used to be optional and up to the two opponents and it was feet and hand pads that was it. 1 and 3 step sparring was practiced regularly. Emphasis was on real fighting and real self defense not sports ...


As Steve Weigand mentioned in the comments it is a very difficult task to objectively measure. Having trained ITF for many years I would struggle to perform a punch powerfully without sine wave. It also takes a lot of practice to get the sine motion right. So to measure someone without sine wave and then teach them - they would have to train it. Some of the ...


There are plenty of articles on the Internet (for example, http://www.saskgtf.com/theory.html) that talk about the 'science' of sine wave, but none of those articles appear to have any references to actual studies. So, no evidence and no links, I'm afraid.

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