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0down vote Don't try to over think Tai Chi Breathing it's 99% of the movements are in a pair. The pair is Inhale and Exhale. You want to do it slowly and if you can control your breath. You control your life. Inhale at the beginning, drawing an arrow in the bow, Stores your Chi. Exhale to deliver, and release the arrow to deliver the Chi, that's it simple. ...


Holding stances and then applying isometrics while in the various stances seems to serve some strength conditioning purpose and also tai chi practiced in deep water with a belt that floates you in an upright position / water offers some resistance however allows the fluid motion of tai chi and chi gong to be maintained/ also it is fun in the deep water. I ...


Single whip is an excellent pattern for learning to fa jin. I am guessing you're asking about the crazy hook hand. According to Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, The hook hand at one end locks the force so that it can shoot out more powerfully at the palm on the other side.


The traditional answer (and my experience) is all aspects. In chinese medicine, there is only one disease: a disharmony of yin and yang. This is actually obvious if you know what yin and yang symbolize here. Yin is your body's ability to adapt to external stresses and yang are the external stresses. If those two things are out of balance, sickness will ...


Qi is basically a catch-all term used in Chinese martial arts and medicine to refer to unseen "energy" that surrounds and permeates everything in nature, including human beings, plants, animals, rocks, etc. Is Qi real? Yes, no, maybe. The answer depends on how Qi is defined. Some define it to be an amalgam of different things we can directly or indirectly ...


The traditional taiji answer is that uprooting your opponent means breaking their connection with the ground that is created by having chi flowing smoothly through them from the sky into the ground.


In the chinese scientific paradigm, qi is the energy that permeates and composes everything. It is difficult for we westerners to discuss this because there is no corresponding concept in the western scientific paradigm. It's important to note that this doesn't mean qi doesn't exist. Jin is a vibration force whose substance is qi. A simple analogy from my ...

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