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Based on mattm's comment, you may be looking for a chassé kick from Savate. There are several variations on the move, but I've found at least one reference to Bruce Lee's signature cross-over side kick coming from the chassé-croisé kick from Savate.


I heard about Glima. Have a look... and There is also another site about historical long-sword fighting aka Historic European Martial Arts:


Asian Fighting Arts by Donn F. Draeger and Robert W. Smith is a good survey of martial arts from Asia. The original, published in 1969, is a little dated, but should give you an idea of the history, content, and weapons used by Asian martial arts systems. This was republished as Comprehensive Asian Fighting Arts in 1980. I don't know how the content of the ...


This is a vast undertaking... Tomiki's On Modern Jujutsu paper is not a bad place to start for how Aikido and Judo evolved from the myriad of old Japanese ryu. It breaks down ancient jujutsu into four categories: Nage-waza (throwing techniques) Katame-waza (locking techniques) Atemi-waza (striking techniques) Kansetsu-waza (joint techniques) I would add ...

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