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The only nose attack I would trust, assuming the opponent isn't already immobilized, is to push or pull the nose upwards (that is, towards the eyebrows). This can facilitate a throw (e.g. osotogari with a palm push under the nose, similar to how it can be done under the chin), expose the neck to a choke (e.g. driving the ridge of the hand upward from between ...


The nose is basically soft tissue over cartilage. About the only effective method from the front is as Dave says, some kind of impact pushing the nose in or upwards. Anything else, the nose doesn't really afford a good way to grab from the front. Even shoving your fingers into the nostrils, there is no purchase point for the grab, and the instinct is to ...


My Taiji teacher points out that pressing the nose downwards from above will cause the opponent to retract the chin. This can be useful in some low-violence situations.


As an offensive maneuver, it has merit. Just make sure your hands are dry and the opponent doesn't have problem skin. You'll need to exert a lot of pressure to prevent him breaking free. If you can manage to hold the grip, you can make him do just about anything. Mind you, while it is an effective tactic, it is also one that will infuriate your opponent to ...

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