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At first glance Krav Maga and Systema seem to be very similar in that they are both very unconventional, no-rules, practical self-defence, martial arts (although Krav isn't technically a martial art) which are no holds barred and generally formless. However... Krav Maga is basically a very raw, dangerous situation survival system (including avoidance and ...


I want to emphasize I am not an expert, but it is worth looking at history. Most of the real slashing weapons (scimitars, sabers) were designed to be used from horseback. Slashing was less likely to get the weapon stuck, which was an even bigger problem when on horseback then when fighting on foot. (The famous curve of the Katana which was largely used in ...


With a thrust, I have all of the weight and power of the weapon behind the striking point. It's going to archive MUCH more power, and pressure. Also it takes up less space than a slash. To slash, you have to create a large amount if movement, not to mention getting the angle perfectly correct (which takes years of practice)


Well Technique taps into reserves of energy (endurance) Endurance is conserved with efficient execution and strong guard (technique). So Without endurance, your technique falls to bits fast. Without technique your endurance falls to bits fast. It isn't one or the other, it's both, in equal measure - that's why it's so tough. If you aim for good ...

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