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Asian Fighting Arts by Donn F. Draeger and Robert W. Smith is a good survey of martial arts from Asia. The original, published in 1969, is a little dated, but should give you an idea of the history, content, and weapons used by Asian martial arts systems. This was republished as Comprehensive Asian Fighting Arts in 1980. I don't know how the content of the ...


Based on mattm's comment, you may be looking for a chassé kick from Savate. There are several variations on the move, but I've found at least one reference to Bruce Lee's signature cross-over side kick coming from the chassé-croisé kick from Savate.


This is a vast undertaking... Tomiki's On Modern Jujutsu paper is not a bad place to start for how Aikido and Judo evolved from the myriad of old Japanese ryu. It breaks down ancient jujutsu into four categories: Nage-waza (throwing techniques) Katame-waza (locking techniques) Atemi-waza (striking techniques) Kansetsu-waza (joint techniques) I would add ...


I am specifically asking this in the sense of how Katas are executed. I am basing my response to this question on the videos supplied above. Thank you Kid! Certainly stance length and height is slightly different. However, zenkutsu dachi in both styles looks long and low to me. In my mind the main difference in the two styles' kata is hip position ...


I heard about Glima. Have a look... and There is also another site about historical long-sword fighting aka Historic European Martial Arts:

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