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They can be called 'kali sticks', 'arnis sticks', 'baston', etc. Just insert arnis style sticks is ok. Or even just 'arnis'. There's diff. styles of arnis and the term depends on which style you're referring too. There are also diff. material for the sticks themselves. People usually just get whatever you refer to :)


It is just a stick. A piece of rattan. I heard someone refer to the sticks as arnis but I don't think they have any specific name. And it makes sense from a historical point of view as it was just a stick to train with in times when carrying the sword (or any other sword-like weapon) was prohibited.


FMA terminology Baston is one name for stick. There are others. This Wikipedia Article states that Garrote (spanish meaning "club") is sometimes used.


Muay Thai moves list with links for pictures and demos. You could even contribute to update. http://www.blackbeltwiki.com/muay-thai-techniques

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