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Generally, no This is generally not true - there are many defensive arts where you improve your fighting skills right away and reach a basic proficiency within a matter of a few weeks or months at most (skill wise, at least, fitness can take longer to produce). Many weapon based arts that are close to their original use also have this same thing - if you ...


I have a couple suggestions for you on this issue: If you plan on using this for punches, kicks, knees, elbows, and possibly sword work I would suggest getting something like a kendo stick to do the sword work. Kendo Stick on Amazon This will help minimize any damage to the bag that would be caused by a bo staff or a dull sword but still give you the feel ...


One may in fact become more vulnerable to attacks because he goes to meet attack in situation, where he would have avoided it before. Practicing martial arts make people more confident and eager to show their new skills while frequently overrating it.


It's not a problem unless you're training them wrong. If a school teaches you to FIGHT, you'll get better with each passing day. If the school only teaches you how to pass tests and look good while doing Kata, then you might have a problem.


I have a FitBit Flex and wear it during Taekwondo for all activities except when sparring. No issues when hitting pads, but when I tried keeping it on while sparring it kept flying off. The readings are rough at best, because it only tracks steps via accelerometer. I'd like to wear something during classes, but there's just too much contact to keep a band ...


If you refer only if the reaction time of instinctive reflexes being slowed by starting to train a martial art because you are thinking what to do, the answer is no. Instinctive reflexes like crouching or closing the eyes when going to be hit, are really hard to modify. It doesn't take a few days not even months to modify them, and will be automatically ...

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