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Parkour is more closely related to gymnastics and acrobatics than proper martial arts (even though one of the creator of modern gymnastic was Georges Hébert a French physical educator who invented "the natural method" which consists of basic conditioning and technical moves that is still used in a few countries for the military training, this method was ...


Parkour is a style of free running based on the philosophy of Gymnastique Naturelle de Georges Hébert. It is centered around the efficient movement from one place to another regardless of impediment. Much of what you see is not martial arts, but a style of acrobatic performance art called XMA (eXtreme Martial Arts), spawned in gyms and dance studios. The ...


Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance,acrobatics and music, and is sometimes referred to as a game. I did this for a couple of months. There were some kicks, and a lot of acrobatics - flying kicks, back-flips, running against a wall.


This Yahoo article may help you. It details the origin and evolution of tricking since the early 1960s. It draws from movie stunts, capoera, and parkour as source for the creation of tricking. However, I have no idea how authentic or authoritative it is. Feel free to add to this answer.


What you are looking for is not a Martial Art. It is called Tricking, and it's a gymnastic sport. The goal in Tricking is to make the best, most and fastest aerial kicks, flips etc. Wikipedia calls it a Martial Art, but it only uses moves from Martial Arts without the effectiveness. It simply uses the "...


What's the name of these stuff? It's called "tricking"... wikipedia entry here. I don't think it really belongs on this website as IMHO it's not martial arts but acrobatics. I'm 26 years old, is it possible to learn this? How to start? if only you can give me the names of this so I can google and look for videos You'll find lots of youtube tutorial ...

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