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Parkour is more closely related to gymnastics and acrobatics than proper martial arts. That beign said, I believe classic Ninjutsu is the closest fit. Ninjutsu (or whatever the actual Ninja called it) was about more than just fighting: it was about infiltration, stealth and getting the hell out of there when the job was done. This naturally entailed being ...


Parkour is a style of free running based on the philosophy of Gymnastique Naturelle de Georges H├ębert. It is centered around the efficient movement from one place to another regardless of impediment. Much of what you see is not martial arts, but a style of acrobatic performance art called XMA (eXtreme Martial Arts), spawned in gyms and dance studios. The ...


Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance,acrobatics and music, and is sometimes referred to as a game. I did this for a couple of months. There were some kicks, and a lot of acrobatics - flying kicks, back-flips, running against a wall.


What you are looking for is not a Martial Art. It is called Tricking, and it's a gymnastic sport. The goal in Tricking is to make the best, most and fastest aerial kicks, flips etc. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tricking_(acrobatics) Wikipedia calls it a Martial Art, but it only uses moves from Martial Arts without the effectiveness. It simply uses the ...

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