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Given your specifications, I'd go with Krav Maga. Although Wing Chun has a history of boat fighting and close in fighting, it's also primarily learned by live, hand to hand contact with others, with the (large, expensive) dummies being a secondary practice tool. (to be sure, you can get cheaper wall-mount dummies, but they're still not that cheap). A ...


Things that recommend Wing Chun to a sailor: It is sometimes commented that Wing Chun is best suited for fighting in a telephone booth. This is not so far from the truth. Wing Chun specializes in close-quarters tactics at bent-arm range/trapping range (though I assure you it does possess long-range techniques and tactics). This would be well-suited to ...


You can't really practice Wing Chun without a partner (or at least a wooden dummy). You would probably find more use in Tai Chi, which is almost entirely practiced without a partner or target.


As a general principle, the Asian martial arts approach things holistically, and that includes taking advantage of a teacher/student relationship continuously throughout training. Most whom I have talked to do not recommend a ON-OFF pattern in training with a teacher until much later because it disrupts this relationship. The more western arts/sports, like ...

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