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a sequence of movements traditionally used in the practice and performance of a martial art.
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Gi or dogi refers to a martial arts uniform.
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Wrestling, throwing, pinning, choking, breaking limbs. Fighting by way of holds.
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an eclectic Korean martial art that is oriented toward self defense.
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How to practice martial arts for well-being, mental and physical fitness.
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Martial arts origins, lineage, intermingling, influences, and cultural contexts.
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About specific injury while training in your specific art. Treatment and what-might-happen are both off topic.
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Internal martial arts: taiji, xingyi, bagua.
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International Tae Kwon Do Federation
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Also known as jujutsu, ju-jitsu, or Japanese jiu-jitsu, is a Japanese martial art and a method of close combat for defeating an armed and armored opponent in which one uses no weapon, or only a short …
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Japanese modern martial art, combat sport, and Olympic sport of throwing, pinning, choking, and locking; developed by *Kano Jigoro* in 1882.
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A Filipino martial art centered around weapons. Weapons include stick, knife, and sword. Empty-handed techniques are considered an extension of armed techniques.
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A collection of empty-handed martial arts originating in Okinawa, Japan.
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A sequence of movements traditionally used in the practice and performance of a martial art.
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self-defense. It teaches practitioners to block the strikes of opponents if needed and then disable them quickly with pinpoint strikes. Takedowns (usually with…
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Japanese modern martial art and combat sport of swordsmanship, derived from traditional kenjutsu. Practitioners use bamboo or composite swords (shinai) and wear protective gear (bogu) in competition a…
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How to hit with hands, feet, elbows and knees.