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Piece of clothing indicating rank within a martial art organization. Each organization chooses its own colors and their relative order and awards its own ranks. A black belt commonly signifies a pract…
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short, repeatable activities which help an individual gain more speed, strength, or skill in a particular technique or overall fitness. Use this tag when you want to know about a particular…
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a position that is designed to create greater stability or to improve movement.
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an eclectic Korean martial art that is oriented toward self defense.
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Gi or dogi refers to a martial arts uniform.
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A place for training in martial arts. This may be a hall, building, room, natural environment, or any established place for the practice of one or more martial arts.
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a Brazilian martial art mostly known for its acrobatic movements and musical accompaniment.
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A specific set of skills of or related to the acts of espionage, stealth, counter-intelligence, and assassination.
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The application of kinetic energy to an opponent via percussive impact with an intent to injure or incapacitate.
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The customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group.
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Japanese modern martial art and combat sport of swordsmanship, derived from traditional kenjutsu. Practitioners use bamboo or composite swords (shinai) and wear protective gear (bogu) in competition a…
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The incorporation of weighted resistance training for the purpose of maximizing strength, power, endurance, and mobility in the martial arts.
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Ukemi (receiving body 受け身) also known as break falls are what uke (whoever receives the technique) does when nage (投げ thrower) or tori (取り, grabber) applies a technique.
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documents which teach a martial art or illuminates a particular aspect of them. Use this tag when you want to know about written material which focuses on martial arts.
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Anything relating to children (17 years old or younger) training in martial arts.
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Historical European Martial Arts, or the Martial Arts used in Europe (and by European People) from around 1200 AD to about WW1. Use this tag when you specifically want European Martial arts, as oppose…
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a subdivision of a particular type of martial art OR a particular organization which teaches martial arts.