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Kalaripayattu (pronunciation: [kɐɭɐripɐjɐtːɨ̆]) is an Indian martial art which originated in the state of Kerala.
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A Filipino martial art centered around weapons. Weapons include stick, knife, and sword. Empty-handed techniques are considered an extension of armed techniques.
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A collection of empty-handed martial arts originating in Okinawa, Japan.
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A sequence of movements traditionally used in the practice and performance of a martial art.
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a specific type of curved Japanese sword, famously used by Samurai. Use this tag when your question is about this particular kind of sword. If unsure, use the "sword" tag instead.
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self-defense. It teaches practitioners to block the strikes of opponents if needed and then disable them quickly with pinpoint strikes. Takedowns (usually with…
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Japanese modern martial art and combat sport of swordsmanship, derived from traditional kenjutsu. Practitioners use bamboo or composite swords (shinai) and wear protective gear (bogu) in competition a…
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How to hit with hands, feet, elbows and knees.
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Striking with the leg, including the knee or shin, or the foot, including the instep, toes, heel, ball, outside edge or "blade", inside edge, or any other part of the lower extremities. Arts that are …
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fighting with any number of involved combatants armed with knives. Knives are generally shorter than swords, and knife fighting can come in many styles. Make sure to specify which st…
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a martial art developed in the late 1930s by Imi Lichtenfeld and used by the Israeli Defense Forces. The name is Hebrew and translates roughly to 'hand-to-hand combat'. It focuses on real…
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Kung Fu (功夫: intense work/hard work), Kuoshu (national art) or Wushu (武术: art of war), is a group of fighting styles developed in China over centuries, inspired by chinese philosophies, religions, leg…
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These question ask for medical advice within a martial arts context. Martial Arts Stack Exchange does not claim to provide medical information, diagnosis, prognosis or treatment advice. Please consult…
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Mixed martial arts permits both striking and grappling techniques, drawing from boxing, wrestling, Brazilian jiujitsu, muay thai, and several other styles. The term mixed martial arts was coined in 19…
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a martial art from Thailand using punches, kicks, elbows, and various clinching techniques.
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for use when talking about many assailants aggressing against an individual.
A catch all tag for all mysticism within martial arts be it meta physical philosophy, religion, magic, or super natural powers, include Qi/Chi and other fabulous powers.
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A specific set of skills of or related to the acts of espionage, stealth, counter-intelligence, and assassination.
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