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comment Good shoulder roll from a dive
And the question?
comment Straight punch to the head and knockout
@SeanDuggan That would be the Trigeminal Nerve, which is (generally) located just to the side of the chin. Possible to activate with a straight punch, but better chance when offset to the side a little.
comment Should I avoid open-handed blocks in sparring?
Based on experience, you've got greater chance of injuring your hands when blocking with open hand, as compared to closed fist. How great the chances are depends greatly on your style, skill, speed and technique. There's no 'should' about blocking open hand. Do what is comfortable, and feels safe to you and your partner.
comment Why are traditional karate gi's white?
The question doesn't blame anything on anyone, regardless of how silly I may think it is. The comment about the use of coloured gis in sport martial arts is an example that I can understand the reasoning for the colour of the gi.