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I have been a tester, manager, automator, and release angineer for over 15 years. Working in Windows, *nix and distributed environments I've come in as the first part of QA and built groups or joined existing groups. I like process and am an evangelist for process improvement. I also dabble in tool smithing, while I am not a great coder I stick with it and have built up a nice array of tools over the years in Perl, Ruby and PowerShell. I automate when I can now, as that is my prime passion, and I wear all kinds of hats doing whatever is needed but always handling code from test to production.

I have many interests in cooking, reading, home improvement, MakerSpaces and many more. You'll find me on many SX's here.

I currently work for NaviNet as a Software Engineer in Test II

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comment What is a good age to introduce children to a martial art?
I agree with all of Sardathrion's points, and I would concur with Patricia that focus AND interest are key. My son joined my Kung Fu school and had interest for about 9 months, then it waned. He liked the idea of learning but didn't get into it as much as I did, although he had fun I eventually let him out of his commitment until he is a bit older. I also spent time looking for a school, and joining, for a year before signing up my son to be sure it was a good environment for him.